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Hero Update VideoIn March, the Titan Heroes outperformed the IA channel by 40%. That is sweet action! As they are all trying to get into the Top 15 to earn a chance to come to Cleveland and win a 2 year lease on a Mercedes E350 convertible, I expect the production to keep on coming.

While a couple of agencies are leading the pack in a BIG way (IFE Insurance of CA that means YOU!)…. their are about 45 agencies with a realistic chance jockeying for one of the final 15 spots because they know that whether you finish first, or 15th, once you come to Cleveland you will have the same chance to walk away a winner! And here with more information is our special Titan Hero correspondent, Kathleen Madden.

Call Kathleen Madden for weekly updates at 216-896-7143. Our weekly conference call updates will start May 6 and we encourage you to join for the most timely information. We will start sharing more information about your visit to Cleveland in the coming weeks…

Right now we want you to know if you are in the Top 15 at the end of the day on June 6, one person from your agency will be invited to Cleveland to join us for a rewards dinner and a Cleveland Indians game on Wednesday 8/13. On the morning of 8/14 you will be given a tour of our office, followed at 11 am by the event where two of you will win a two year lease on a Mercedes E350 convertible and have the option of driving it home right then! All others will be able to fly back Thursday afternoon.

We will make sure the 13 that don’t win the lease don’t walk away empty handed…. Just don’t expect additional cars to be given away…. (Greg Wilkinson that means YOU)

Even now you earning Titan Tokens for every application you submit, and everyone that hits their goal gets $500 towards the Titan Hall of Fame. I can see why McCoy is wanting to be a Titan Hero!

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Round 1 Qualifying Period for 2014 Reward Program

Heroes of TitanHow do you secure your spot?  Between November 4, 2013 and January 24, 2014, be one of the tops agents in your state writing applications and you will be eligible to pick one of six great prizes on the Titan Hall of Fame Reward Site worth a value of $150.  To view the entire 2014 Heroes of Titan Promotion rules click here.

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Titan Insurance Update

bobble-thmbThe Agency Activity report is available on the Agent Center, this reporting tool allows you to manage your clients data in a way that works for you.  

The CLUE and MVR reconciliation process has been streamlined to provide greater use of use and flexibility,  you will notice several enhancements to our website.

Have you quoted Titan Commerical Auto Lately? Our New more competitive Commercial Auto product, Titan SAVEs is now available in many states.

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Top Agents Take Flight

AgentTrack the top producing Titan Independent Agents in the country and see how you measure up to your peers.

Starting in January we will accept photo submissions of your team on the Top Agent Gallery.


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